Captain Adam Marani

Captain Adam Marani has more than 24 years of experience as captain on yachts 83’ and above. He has been on board HP4 since 2005. He holds a US Merchant Marine and a U.S.C.G. certificate while navigating the Southern coast of California, Hawaiian Islands, Atlantic Ocean, Eastern Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, N.E. coast, New England and the China Sea. .

Diving, Fishing, Music, Sunshine, Smooth water, Salty Air.

Fuel Prices, Traffic, Stop Signs, Road Rage.

HP Crew

HP IV comes with a Licensed Captain, first mate, Chef, head Stewart & Stewart/deckhand.

HP III comes with a Licensed Captain and first mate.

Additional Crew Available: Extra Stewarts, Bartenders, Nurse, Nanny, Massage Therapist, Dive Master, Security.